Als Thornewyth

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Als is an 18 year old human or half-elf female. She stands 5’5" and weighs 105 lbs and could pass for any ages from 18-30 dependin
on her style of dress. She is extraordinarily attractive, patrician in bearing, but cold. Her dress is out of style and threadbare, but very
finely made. She attenmps to blend in to local styles of dress and talk for influence sake.


Als was born of a long forgotten branch of the House Thrune when they formerly ruled Andoran before the revolt. After Thrune
lost control of the region, the house of Thornewyth retained control of a large feudal plantation and mining interest in the area near
This manor house has slowly decayed and lost influence in the intervening years. While the family has squandered their former
wealth, resentment and despair have crept into everything they’ve done.
Her mother died when Als was 14 of a prolonged infection that brought on madness and fever. While the madness progressed, her
mother suffered progressively worse for months. On a particularly difficult morning, Als ended her suffering and forged a suicide note.
She was very close to her mother, but resented her weakness.
At 18, her father in a fit of depression and lonliness forced himself on her. In the small hours of the night, Als sliced open his throat
and set the manor house ablaze. Nothing remains from her family other than what she took with her on her back.
5 months have passed since that night.
She spent several months in Almas trying to ingratiate herself into the People’s Council. After being shut down at every turn, she
found a possible in with the Council member from Falcon’s Hollow. Unfortunately she found out just before session disbanded for the
year. She’s travelled back to Falcon’s Hollow in order to secuce, bribe, or blackmail her way into influence with this seat of power.
TL:DR, Als is the only child of the final generation born to an inbred and failed house of a failed occupier. She seeks political power at
all costs.

Als Thornewyth

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